What Set Us Apart

You Deserve the Best
Our belief in excellence and trust is what sets us apart. The Oshawa Dental House vision is to exceed our patients' expectations while always providing a warm, comfortable experience. We know that our patients deserve only the best, and we have built a team that shares in our dedication to excellent dental care. We value your trust in us at every appointment.

State of the Art
We are obsessed with leading technology and innovation. From his background as Acting Detachment Commander of a National Defense Dental Clinic, (Retired Captain) Dr. Danis expects to work with only the latest and best tools and dental systems. At our Oshawa Dental House, we have a very simple standard: We only use the best.

Always There for You
With a doctor on call 24/7 for our entire Oshawa Dental House patient family, we will always be there for you. Patient comfort and trust is something we take very seriously.

As your dentist in Oshawa, we're only a phone call or text message away!

Fear-Free Dentistry
Our goal is providing a positive dental experience to adults and kids alike.

Dr. Danis has treated thousands of fearful patients and he believes that having a fear of dentistry is very common and understandable. From our calming manner to our sedation dentistry services, we can accommodate any anxiety or past dental experience that has kept you from visiting a dentist for years. Many of our patients were fearful of dentistry before they walked into our Oshawa Dental House – now they are our #1 ambassadors!

Options for Everyone
No two people are the same or in the same situation. We expect different challenges from all our patients and we are happy to be flexible. Our individualized payment plans and our 24/7 on-call help are just two of many examples of how we take care of our patients.

From doing a filling standing up or finishing a root canal in one visit to calling an unexpected taxi or providing a cup of our gourmet coffee while you wait for a family member, we will ensure your experience is second-to-none. We want to be your Dentist in Oshawa for life.

Always on Schedule
We respect your time. As great a dental experience as we provide, we know you have even greater things to do. So we always run on time. We believe no service can be perfected without this rule.